Lone Star College-North Harris 

LASO Comunidad: St. Leo's Bazaar 2018
LASO Comunidad
at St. Leo's Summer Bazaar
2131 Lauder Rd, Houston, TX 77039
Sunday April  2018.

I: Increase Latino enrollment
II: Enhance Latino Community Engagement
III: Increase Latino Graduation Rates

   LASO will lead LSC’s participation in the annual St. Leo’s Summer Bazaar through LASO Comunidad. LSC has participated in 2 previous Fall Bazaars, with LASO leading the last one. However, this is the first time LSC is actively involved in the Summer Bazaar. Best practices will consist of utilizing current LSC student stories to increase Latino student and Latino family engagement. This will also allow current LSC students to put into practice the skills they are learning in the class room. 

Tony Diaz, Director Intercultural Initiatives
Mexican American Studies Professor,, (713) 867-8943

Thursday 2p: 
Drop off items at LSC-NH mail room. 
LASO VP Aaron will pick up.

Sunday April 2018

6 am: Set up crew
8 am: Bazaar begins
4:30 pm: Clean Up Crew
Dress Code: Jeans (No holes.) & LSC T-shirt. 
Bring an umbrella in case it rains.

Set up:
1 - 10 x 20 tent. (LASO will set up the 10 x 20 LSC-NH Tent, provided by Student Life.)
A second 10 x 20 tent has been requested.
3 tables.

We have 3 LASO Bannes in X-Frames.
1.Victory Skirt/Centers
2.North Harris Skirt: Ernesto Valenzuela-NH ESOL North Harris
3.LASO skirt/The Wheel: Prizes, sno cones. 
Dr. Johnson from Victory is providing prizes. 
Dr. Moss from Greenspoint is providing T-shirts and prizes.
LASO will add 3 LASO T-shirts to the prizes.
X. Cart: Mark Brumlow, WSI-HVAC, has his own cart. Will bring a robot and light display.
Student Life will provide: 
Sno Cone machine: Sno Cones $1 each To donate to church.
Kat 5 out fit
Prize Wheel: Dr. Johnson and Dr. Moss are providing prizes. Trio may provide some giveaways.
  LASO will raffle off 3 full color LASO T-shirts.

Ipads will not be used. We will use hard copy "Tell Me More Cards" including a Spanish version. Goal is 200! 

Different posts: 30 LASO students will participate
* Snow Cone Duty
* Booth Crew
* Set up Crew
* Crowd Outreach:Email list-raffle prizes those who sign up.
*Mascot Crew
* Social Media Crew
* Stage Crew: 
· Students may tell their stories about the struggle to attend college.
· Students may tell their family’s story.
· Students may read a Mexican American writer’s work in English or Spanish from the stage.
· Students may talk about their experience learning about Mexican American Literature.