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The LASO Letras Blog goes from basic to brilliant as needed. We'll post everything ranging from the agenda to our next meeting to action items for a particular event. 

We'll also post those deep thoughts triggered in your head after a great History lecture, or maybe the poem inspired by listening to one of our visiting authors.  

So come back often or updates and submit your ideas sooner than later.

LASO Letras

LASO Events for Spring 2017

by Team LASO on 01/23/17

LASO Events Spring 2017


LASO Events Spring 2017

For your posting and texting convenience, here is a shortened link to a blog post with this information:


The Latin American Student Organization (LASO) meets Mondays 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm at LSC-North Harris ACAD 223. We are looking for student leaders to begin chapters at LSC Greenspoint and LSC Victory Center.

Enroll in: Mexican American Literature, Mondays/Wednesdays, 9 am - 10:20 am, with Professor Diaz, El Librotraficante.  LSC-NH ACAD 222.


Saturday, Feb. 18: The Houston Hispanic Forum Career and Education Day (CED). George R. Brown Convention Center 9 am – 3pm. Free.

Thursday Feb. 23 – Saturday, Feb. 25, National Association of Chicana & Chicano Studies Tejas Foco Regional Conference, Texas A & M University, College Station.


Thursday, March 2 6:30 pm - 7p,Free
Reading featuring writers from the  anthology "Entre Guadalupe y Malinche: Tejanas in Literature and Art," with Chicana icons Norma Cantu and Ines Hernandez at Nuestra Palabra Arts and Books Home of Pancho Clause 333 S. Jensen (Inside TBH, 3 blocks down from the oringal Ninfas.)

Wednesday, March 8, 9 am – 10 am Daniel Pena, Writer, Professor University of Houston, LSC-NH ACAD 222


Thursday, March 23,

Noon – 1pm: Lone Star College-North Harris WRC SSB-204

2pm – 3pm Greenspoint

Super Latina Power Hour: Poetry presentation by Leslie Contreras Schwartz author of the poetry collection Fuego.


Wednesday, March 8: 7pm - 9 pm, Free

Release party for h6-the latest issue of Dagoberto Gilb's literary magazine Huizache. Featuring nationally renowned writer Dagoberto Gilb (Before the End, After The Beginning) and Chicana legend poet Lorna Dee Cervantes


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

12:30 PM – 1:30 Victory Center 114

LASO Latino Poetry Jam with LASO

Hosted by writer, activist and professor Tony Diaz, El Librotraficante


El Día de Los Libros!
Hispanic Heritage in Houston
Wednesday, April 5, 2017
LSC-North Harris

LASO Latino Poetry Jam In Honor of

the Bayou City Book Festival:

Libros en Español night.

Hosted by writer, activist and professor Tony Diaz, El Librotraficante 


Monday, April 10: LASO at the Movies: Showing of “Pride and Prejudice 9 am – 10:20 am, LSC-NH ACAD (TBA)

Pending Guest Speakers:

Michelle Tovar, Latino Outreach for the Houston Holocaust Muse

Michela Selly, Hispanic Archives at the Houston Library

Dr. Elizabeth Farfán-Santos, University of Houston

Author of the book: Black Bodies, Black Rights: The Politics of Quilombolismo in Contemporary Brazil.


Pending event:

Dia de La Familia at St. Leo’s Summer Bazaar

Journal Entries

by Team LASO on 12/05/16

Journal Entries May Consist of the Following:

  1. In-class quizzes
  2. You may elaborate on in-class quizzes
  3. Rough draft of letters to the editor
  4. Letters to the editor that are published.
  5. Extrapolations on class discussions
  6. Hard concrete descriptions of objects, any objects, yes, any objects, okay, such as: the keys in your pocket, your left shoe, your tooth brush, the next manbag you see, formica.  Write one entry per object.   Or pick your own. 
  7. Analyses of essays from our anthology not discussed in class.
  8. Analysis of arguments from newspapers
  9. Analyses of political arguments, commercials, products
  10. Audience analysis of an event, a publication, or a broadcast, or something else.
  11. Prove that everything is an argument: Describe how specific random objects are arguments, such as: the keys in your pocket, your left shoe, your tooth brush, the next manbag you see, formica.  Write one entry per object.   Or pick your own. 
  12. I will also identify certain in-class exercises or notes as counting towards journal entries.
  13. Analyze the intended audiences for billboards, tv commercials, radio ads, or other products surrounding you.


You can also pitch me a topic.

Analysis Guide: A short template

by Team LASO on 12/05/16

Analysis Guide: A template

Identify the following components for the essay you are analyzing:

Title:                ___________________________________

Author:            ___________________________________

Type of argument:       Either 1.) To Convince or 2.) To explore.

Line of argument:  Either 1.) Logo 2.) Pathos 3.) Ethos

Intended audience: Gender, 10 year age span, education level, income.

Claim: ___________________________________


Reason: ___________________________________


Overview: ___________________________________

Combine these elements into complete sentences for your introduction, which can be 3 to 5 sentences.  However, you must mention each component. That is all you need.


Write your introduction on a separate sheet of paper. You next body paragraphs will be focused on the 3 quotations you identified that the author uses to prove the Claim and Reason.


Here is how the quotation should be set up. Use these words before the quotation.:

            In the middle of the essay, the author’s use of (pathos) is evident when she writes, “Quotation.”

            Write out your quotation.

a.     Why did this passage capture your attention?

b.     Circle one specific word that revealed the audience to you.  Write that word here: _______. How did that word reveal the audience to you?  Write out your response.

c.     How is that word an example of the line of argument that you identify?  Write your response.

d.     Which word reveals the claim or reason that you identified?  Write it here: ___________.   Why does that word reveal the claim or reason?

e.     Circle another word in that quotation that reveals the audience to you: _________.

f.      How did that word reveal the audience to you?  Write your response.

g.     How is that word an example of the line of argument that you identify?  Write your response.

h.     How does this quotation fit into the overall essay or short story?

Combine your above responses into complete sentences to create one paragraph of at least 8 lines of analysis.  If you fall short of 8 lines, look for the word or words that further reveal the audience, line of argument, the claim, reason, or even warrants at work.  You can also discuss how certain metaphors or analogies play a role in the argument. 


Follow the above steps, all of them, for your 2nd Quotation and 3rd quotation.



The beginning and the end: Cesar Chavez and Selen

by Team LASO on 03/22/16

March 31 marks the birth of Cesar Chavez & the passing of Selena.

Tell ?#?LASO how you want to honor this History.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Noon - 1pm

ACAD 126 Lone Star College-North Harris

What is a Community Library? Why Do They Matter?

by Team LASO on 11/24/15

What is a Community Library?


 A community Library is a Gateway Library:


Whenever I think of a community library the first thing that comes to my mind is a place to do research and do your homework. I am not really sure what is taught at library since I am sad to admit that I hardly go to the library. I can remember going when I was in high school to do research or to use the computer and/or the printers since we did not have either at home, but the hardest part of all was trying to get my parents to drive me there. With my mom not knowing how to drive very well and my dad always working, I just stopped trying after having to go through all of the explaining of why I wanted to go. -- Eduardo Veliz


* ** ** *

                One of the things that a “community library taught me was the love for books and how to treat books. I remember that my mom used to take us to our community library very often (it was close enough that we could walk, with and adult; or at least back in the days we would walk) to check out books. Since back then she was unable to read the language, she would make us ask the librarians to help in knowing how to look for age appropriate books. I remember the librarians would take us to the sections where the books were located and would stress the importance of how to treat them and the consequences there was if not followed. I grew up reading books like The Babysitters club, Goosebumps, etc.

                Being here in North Harris trying to obtain a degree is a little easier because the community library showed me how to research on a specific topic. I love history, and a semester ago I decided to take on the challenge of taking Honors History. Our only and final grade was to write a fifteen page research paper (my paper was on women, and what degrees they obtain and how they were used) using only books, journals and limited two internet sources. Without the community library sources the job would be very difficult.

                Another very aspect of community libraries for me are the programs they offer that allow people to interact (face to face), especially now where this is becoming extinct.  The library offers programs for children to help them build skills and to interact with children of similar ages. The programs for adults are there to help us learn about different aspects of our lives. Learning about different cultures and sometimes even learning about our own.

As a community project for my Mexican-American literature class, we are creating a “mini community library”. The class is trying to get donation of books and place them at a community church so that the community can have access to them, and it can help them love books or help in studying and making hopefully some research as well.

Being a community library outside the “library” will help these people (the majority being immigrants) have access to different books. In order to check books out at a regular library you need a library card, where identification is needed, and unfortunately many of them cannot obtain. This library will be different, and the best part is that it will be located in a spot (place) where they already go to, having zero excuses of not going. --Modesta Leal