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LASO 100
Who will be LASO's 100th Member?

LASO has organized some incredible events, from El Día de La Familia , which introduced the college to first generation Latino families, to the 2015 NACCS Tejas Foco-which brought over 300 scholars, professors, students, and community members to our campus to share ideas on getting more community into community college and beyond. Now, we want to become the largest group on campus.

Create and spread: Culture, Pride, Unity!
Los LASO Cien
26. Rosalia Gallegos- GP

27. Gabriela Olivo- GP 

28. Elva Rivera- GP

29. Bryant Batist- GP

30. Cynthia Gonzalez- GP

31. Jose Gutierrez Jr.- GP

32. Isaac Ramos- NH
1. Nancy Rodriguez, LASO Pres. LSC-NH

2. Danny Meza, LASO VP. LSC-NH

3. Patricio Sanchez- NH

4. Ricardo Rojo- NH

5.Nereyda Rodriguez- NH

6. Leticia Cabrera- NH

7. Adriana Sanchez- NH

8. Daniel Mata- NH

9. Vanessa Diaz- NH

10. Alex Villeda- NH

11. Stephanie Castillo- NH

12. Sabrina Sanchez- NH

13. Rodrigo Martinez- NH

14. Alan Zuniga- NH

15. Ivette Galvan- NH

16. Phu Bui- NH/UH

17. Christian Aguilar- NH

18. Kenneth Castillo- NH

19. Brenda Chavez- NH

20. Elizabeth C.- NH 

21. Israel Garcia- NH

22. Maria A. Vazquez- Greenspoint

23. Ke-Aire Williams- GP

24. Teresa Quinn- GP

25. Cindy Diaz- GP

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