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Critical Thinking Skills vs The Robots

by Team LASO on 07/11/18

Tomorrow's jobs require impressing a bot with quick thinking

NEW YORK (Reuters) - When Andrew Chamberlain started in his job four years ago in the research group at jobs website, he worked in a programing language called Stata. Then it was R. Then Python. Then PySpark.

“My dad was a commercial printer and did the same thing for 30 years. I have to continually stay on stuff,” said Chamberlain, who is now the chief economist for the site.  Chamberlain already has one of the jobs of the future - a perpetually changing, shifting universe of work that requires employees to be critical thinkers and fast on their feet.  

Recruiters are looking for those nimble enough to constantly learn new technologies and apply their skills on the fly - and some are now using automated software, or ‘bots’, to weed out candidates. 

They are not necessarily looking for knowledge of certain software. They are looking for what most consider soft skills: problem solving, effective communication and leadership.

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